Couple Therapy

Couple Therapy: Intervention that focuses on historical and wider contextual issues:

Introduction: Couple Therapy

Couples therapy goes beyond addressing beliefs and behaviors by delving into historical and wider contextual issues. By exploring family-of-origin dynamics, facilitating the emotive expression of attachment needs, and addressing potential secrets within the relationship, couples can gain deeper insights and promote healing.

Let’s explore these interventions and their significance in couples therapy.

  1. Addressing Family-of-Origin Issues: When interventions focusing solely on beliefs and behaviors prove ineffective, it becomes valuable to explore family-of-origin issues. These are the patterns and dynamics couples bring from their upbringing and early experiences. By understanding how these influences shape their current relationship, couples can gain insight into recurring patterns and find ways to break free from unhealthy cycles.
  2. Facilitating Emotive Expression of Attachment Needs: Couples are guided to differentiate between secondary emotional responses and primary emotional responses rooted in unmet attachment needs. Secondary emotions such as anger and resentment often mask deeper primary emotions like fear, sadness, disappointment, emotional hurt, and vulnerability. In therapy, couples are encouraged to express their attachment needs and primary emotional responses in a powerful and authentic manner, while avoiding blame or guilt induction. This process allows for a more honest exploration of their emotional landscape and fosters empathy and understanding between partners.
  3. Exploring Secrets: In some cases, the presence of a secret within the relationship can hinder progress in therapy. It is essential for the therapist to consider the possibility of undisclosed information impacting the couple’s dynamics. The therapist can create a safe space for exploration, allowing both partners to discuss hypothetical secrets and their potential impact on the relationship. Addressing secrets promotes openness and trust, facilitating a more authentic and honest connection between the couple.


In couples therapy, interventions that focus on historical and wider contextual issues provide a deeper understanding of the dynamics within the relationship. By addressing family-of-origin issues, facilitating the emotive expression of attachment needs, and exploring potential secrets, couples can gain insight into their past influences, express their vulnerable emotions, and foster trust and authenticity. These interventions allow couples to move beyond surface-level changes and work towards healing and building a stronger, more fulfilling relationship. With the support of a skilled therapist, couples can navigate their shared history and create a future based on understanding, empathy, and genuine connection.

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