Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy


It is a comprehensive approach that focuses on improving the relationship between partners, aiming to enhance marital satisfaction and address any dysfunctional aspects. This form of therapy encompasses various modalities such as marriage counseling, premarital counseling, and family therapy.

Objectives of Couples Therapy: The primary goals revolve around strengthening the marital bond and resolving underlying emotional disorders that may impact one or both partners. By addressing these issues, couples can work towards a higher level of relationship development, fostering a more harmonious and satisfying connection.

Assessment Contracting: At the onset, the couple is encouraged to participate in a series of sessions to identify the main problems. It includes associated behavioral patterns, belief systems, and potential contributing factors. This assessment phase aims to establish a shared understanding and formulation of the issues at hand. It provides a foundation for further treatment options tailored to the couple’s specific needs and circumstances.

Treatment Contracting: In certain cases, couples may choose to enter into a treatment contract to achieve specific objectives. These goals may include increasing the frequency of positive interactions, reducing the occurrence of arguments, improving the balance of positive and negative exchanges, enhancing communication skills, strengthening joint problem-solving abilities, or enhancing the quality of their sexual relationship. By setting clear targets, couples can focus their efforts on specific areas that require improvement, fostering positive changes within the relationship.

Treatment: Couples therapy offers valuable interventions that focus on behavior, Belief Systems, and Historical and Wider Contextual Issues. Therapists can also use various different marriage counseling techniques to resolve issues between the partners.


Couples therapy offers a range of approaches aimed at improving marital satisfaction and resolving dysfunctional aspects within a relationship. By participating in assessment sessions and treatment contracting, couples can gain insights into their issues, develop a shared understanding, and work towards achieving specific goals. Whether couples seek to enhance communication, resolve conflicts, or strengthen their emotional connection, couples therapy provides valuable support and guidance on the path to a healthier and more fulfilling relationship.

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