Lipika Malik

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

  • Work Experience: 5+ years
  • Languages Spoken: Hindi & English


  • Education: MPhil Clinical Psychology, Ph.D. Psychology (pursuing)
  • Work Experience: 5+ years
  • Specialization: Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Addiction, Personality disorders, Marital problems, Adjustment issues and other stress-related problems. 
  • Therapeutic Expertise: Cognitive behaviour therapy, Dialectical behaviour therapy, Behaviour therapy, Humanistic therapy, Mindfulness therapy, Psychotherapy, Marital counseling, Motivational enhancement therapy, Electic approach.
  • Languages Spoken: English, Hindi

Ms. Lipika Malik is a RCI licensed clinical psychologist having done MPhil in Clinical Psychology and pursuing Ph.D. in Psychology. She has 5+ years of experience in treating clinical and sub clinical conditions. She believes in active listening and is empathetic, competent, and professional in her professional dealings. She is passionate about mental health and wants to work towards improving the mental health of all.

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